The Swedes and the internet 2014

An annual study of the Swedish people's internet habits


After 20 years, new people are still just beginning to use the internet. While there are those who have begun and then stopped because they have become disillusioned with the new technology, almost all who have started at some point have continued. Most have since developed and adapted their use of the internet to their own needs and interests and incorporated the internet into their daily life at home and at work. For most, this process is continuous because the internet is constantly changing. New devices and screens are added, the network capacity is improved and new content is produced and made available.

During recent years, smartphones and tablets have brought about major changes, and together with all the apps this has resulted in access to the internet becoming much better while also presenting the content in a different way. One question is whether this locks the users in a passive role or if it opens up for more active and creative use?

The task of monitoring the use of the internet is changing and developing, and is not yet at its end. Radical changes are still taking place. New questions are waiting to be answered. Some of these questions do not concern internet statistics per se, but broader issues that are connected to the internet. Privacy and freedom of speech are also issues, plus the internet’s role in politics and democracy, as well as what happens to the traditional media when more and more content becomes more readily available on the internet with good quality and low costs.

Olle Findahl

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